HD 75 R - Mini BTE/RIC, Rechargeable, Programmable, Bluetooth streaming*

MRP - Rs.33000/-

  • Free Customizer App for Android & iPhone

  • Presets on the device also provide easy, no smartphone needed adjustment

  • Rechargeable battery – Up to 22 hours per charge / no button cell batteries

  • Integrated Bluetooth so you can take calls directly or stream music to an ASHA Android compatible device

  • Directional microphones for optimal performance in noisy conditions

  • Environmental profile settings for best sound in different locations

  • Flexible fitting for comfort

  • Standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty included

  • Note: Like all hearing aids, SWS products can fail when exposed to excessive moisture such as high humidity and sweating. Because moisture damage is considered normal wear, it is NOT covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. To prolong the life of your devices, we suggest you remove them in high-moisture situations and consider investing in a hearing aid dehumidifier to regularly help dry them out.