HD 75 - Mini BTE/ RIC

MRP - Rs.29,000

Specification & Tutorial videos

Type of device

Mini-Behind-the-ear hearing aid, RIC


Behind-the-ear hearing aid look

Small and ergonomic profile



Zinc air size 312

Up to 4 days of usage per battery

Fit and size:

Accommodates most ears with 1 tube

Device size of 0.8 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.4 cm


3 built-in amplification presets

Manual volume control

Further customizable using mobile app

Voice prompts:

Environment modes

Volume control

Low battery warning

Bluetooth capability:

Bluetooth 4.0 for app connection, Streaming not available

Digital audio processing:

16 channel compressor

16 channel noise reduction

Feedback cancellation

Dual microphone directionality

Hearing aid specs:

Max gain: 56 dB

Max output: 120 dB SP

HD 75 Full Training video

hd75 training full version (3-30).mp4

HD 75 full demo

Meet HD 75

Replacing battery in HD 75

Ear tip selection for HD 75

Placing HD 75 on your ear

Removing HD 75 from your ear

Presets & Environment modes in HD 75

HD75 User Guide.pdf

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